PatientCom- Smart Reddit App

- *Vision:

Development of a repeatable process for the analysis of Reddit conversations within specific condition and/or disease state with applicable threads and subreddit threads (subreddits) to potentially inform strategy and content development. Create a simplified and repeatable process that does not require the users to be fluent in Reddit.

- *Issue:

While Reddit offers robust, open, and community-minded discussions surrounding conditions and disease states, Reddit also provides volumes of unstructured and unclassified data. The development of a repeatable process – that continues to monitor evolving conversations over time – currently requires multiple tools (ex. – tools to scrape threads, tools to analyze keyword content, tools to analyze sentiment, etc.).

- *Method:

After identifying priority conditions and/or disease states with active Reddit communities (ex. – prostate cancer, breast cancer, HIV, etc.), build relational taxonomy (ex. – medicine, treatment, and adherence all have specific topics but have relational discussions) of topical themes addressed within.

  • Potential Output: Provide use case for healthcare companies on the importance of Reddit as an early source of social indicator of trends and conversational “lexicon” to be used for patient communications and programs.